Your Customers Are Not Idiots

Today’s post is a continuation on making your customers feel special.  Another way  of making their experience better is by letting them decide how much and how often they want to deal with you and to decide how to reward you for that experience.

I was vacationing at South Beach, Miami with my family over the Christmas weekend. The weather was good, the people were friendly, the beach was awesome. It was a perfect weekend; well almost! 

I say almost, because twice a day for every day I was there,  I was robbed! I dont mean robbed at gun point, but it made me feel the same.  Whenever we stepped into a restaurant to eat, we felt like we were being robbed. Here is why!

Every restaurant in South Beach seems to have developed a sense of entitlement, and a thick skin to boot. As soon as you are done with the overpriced and often bland fare, you are presented with the check. And here’s where the real robbery starts.

They calculate your tip at over 18% to 30% and then add it to your tab. You are then presented with a check with the overly exhorbitant tip already added in. 

 Its as if their customers dont have the ability to calculate the tips themselves.  They dont realize that us customers  are not idiots. We do have the freedom and ability to judge the quality of your service and your food; then decide if you deserve a tip!

[There were times I’ve been treated poorly in restaurants! We all have. The service was non-existent and the food was poor. But still, I’ve never come out of a restaurant without paying a tip! ]

 So, when you force me to pay you a tip, no matter what, I feel imposed upon.   And when you spring it upon me; at the end of my meal, I feel trapped. You never want your customer to feel trapped. ( Just look up the forums for any telecom company and you will know what I mean. )

On top of this, they provide you with space to put in an additional tip. I can’t imagine why anyone want to do that after being treated so cavalierly.

So, if you were considering doing this; be warned! It may seem that you make more money by forcing your customers to pay a certain percentage as tips. But it is not making them feel special.  Its not making their experience great.

A few companies that have learnt this secret are active in the publication industry. They offer to send you the product with ” Don’t send money now”. They make you feel completely in control of whether you want to keep the product or return it.

And like every multi-billion dollar publisher knows, this tactic is a winner! Every time you put your customer in charge, you come out a winner!

Happy marketing,

Towards Greater Profits Every Day,

Deep J.

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