24 Sources of Financing For Your Growing Business

I thought I’d  make a list of the various sources of financing for any startup or growing business.

This is only a small list to get us started. Please feel free to add to the list by commenting below.

  1. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  2. Venture Capitalists
  3. Angel Investment
  4. SBA 7(a) loans
  5. Local Business Incubators
  6. Other Government Sources
  7. Bank Loans
  8. Bank Overdraft
  9. Credit Unions
  10. Micro-financing
  11. Relatives,Friends
  12. Share capital
  13. Investing Clubs
  14. Franchising
  15. Vendors
  16. Suppliers
  17. Customers
  18. Crowd Sourcing
  19. Factoring
  20. Leasing
  21. Credit Cards
  22. Pension funds
  23. Private Money Lenders
  24. Pawn Shops
  25. Hire Purchase
  26. Grants

There are many organizations that give you loans on collateral. This collateral can be a capital asset like land, buildings etc or future profits  or even private guarantees.

Every source has it pros and cons. Sometimes its beneficial to work with a company that specializes in getting loans for businesses. This may help you find the best deal available.

If you are a company that helps others get loans for businesses please feel free to introduce yourselves and link to your website in the comments. Let us know your name, the market you serve and the kind of businesses or loans you specialize in.

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